Best Electronic Drum Kit: My Recommendation

As I’ve mentioned in many articles and videos, electronic drum sets are an excellent way to have a drum set in the home, while at the same time preserving the sanity of everyone around you! Not only are they ultra quiet, but they tend to have all sorts of great features which can help you in your practice routines to become more well-rounded in your craft.

My recommendations for you in this article are based off of four key criteria:

  • Features: Does the kit have a full set of features which you’d expect in modern electronic drum sets.
  • Affordability: I am not going to focus on expensive kits as that is not the goal of my website. I am going to focus on kits that are within reach of beginners and intermediate players on a budget.
  • Playability: Affordable should not impact the playability of the kit.
  • Sounds: Drum modules come in many shapes and sizes and have a variety of features available to tweak the sound of your kit.

I own or have tested every kit on this list and am therefore to give you my top three recommended electronic kits and my thoughts on each.

Top Pick: Simmons SD600

My unboxing video on this kit is coming soon, but at just over $500 – you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Simmons SD600Opens in a new tab. as it is a perfect combination of features, playability, affordability and quality of sounds.

There are definitely cheaper kits on the market – but they either lack some key features or just don’t perform well.

While the SD600 is by no means perfect, for the price is it an excellent option for those looking for an affordable yet functional entry level electronic drum set.