My Recommendation for Bass Drum Anchors

Let me start off by sharing with you the extensive research I’ve done on this topic, including the production of a three-part YouTube video series in which I tested some of the most popular bass drum anchors for hard surface and carpeted applications.

Because of this research I’ve done, I can easily recommend my top picks for bass drum anchors for both scenarios.


drum brakes bass drum anchors

If you are predominantly playing on hard surfaces such as wood, vinyl or tile, I highly recommend Drum BrakesOpens in a new tab. as they are incredibly easy to setup and don’t interfere with the aesthetics of the drum kit.

VIDEO: Hard Surface Anchor Product Shootout

You can watch my full product shootout for hard-surface bass drum anchors here:


KickBlock Bass Drum Anchor

For carpeted surfaces, I highly recommend the KickBlockOpens in a new tab.. Produced by a father/son team (and recently a sponsor of the Drum History Podcast), this product is fantastic because it looks great, functions beautifully and is dead simple to use!

VIDEO: Carpet Anchor Product Shootout

You can watch the full product shootout where KickBlock took first place here:

Honorable Mention

KBrakes Bass Drum Anchors

While this wasn’t my favorite anchoring system, the KBrakesOpens in a new tab. anchor is quite popular out there and relatively versatile as it can be used in both hard-surface and carpeted scenarios. It is slightly more expensive than the others, especially when you factor in the extra “GripsOpens in a new tab.” purchase necessary to make it a hard-surface anchor, but it definitely gets the job done.

Additional Reading & Videos

A while back I wrote an article outlining the 11 Ideas for Keeping Your Bass Drum from Sliding ForwardOpens in a new tab. (I’ve added a 12th one to it since…). Happy reading!

DIY Bass Drum Anchors
In addition to the two product shootouts linked above, I also made a third video about some DIY solutions to keeping bass drums in place. I hope you enjoy!