Affiliate Disclosure

Hi! My name is Turk, founder of Transparency on the internet is such an important aspect of anyone maintaining an online presence. As such, I wanted to make you aware that I am affiliated with various online retailers (listed below) and I do receive a commission from purchased made by following some of the links which you’ll find on my site. Making this purchases via my links won’t cost you anything and it will provide me with a little financial assistance for keeping this website up and running.

I am in no way influenced by these retailers on which products to promote (or not promote). All of the advice and reviews you read on this site come from me, my experience in the industry and reflect my desire to help you get started playing drums. In fact, even if you purchase something completely different on that site, I’ll still receive a commission from it.

I am an educator at heart and that is and always will be my primary goal in publishing the content on this website…to help you! That is why you will not find my site littered with links to retailers. I link to products where it makes sense and is helpful – but I reserve most of my linking to the ‘Recommended Gear’ section of my site.

Here are the sites to which I occasionally link:

  • (and it’s international counterparts)
  • Guitar Center